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The SVI Area Camping Committee is comprised of the Area Adviser plus District Camping Advisers.  This committee plans many activities throughout the Guiding year. See below for information on those planned for this year. 

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Book one of our awesome camps for your unit

For information on SVI Area camp, see the CAMPING VENUES page.  Once you decide which camp to book, click here for Booking Information and Booking Form, Availability of each campsite. Equipment rentals are seen here.

The yellow link below takes you to a document detailing EQUIPMENT RENTALS from SVI Area for girls, units and Districts.  Updated February 2020
Tri-campsite Challenge
 Click on the image for the PDF document about Discover SVI Campsites - updated Oct 2017

GGC COVID-19 protocol:

The protocol guidelines can be found on the main page of the National website:

The yellow link below takes you to a document with tons of active ideas in the Greater Victoria area
Flag Etiquette at Camp 
Click on the image for all you ever wanted to know about Flag Ceremony while camping.  See also BC-GGC website/Camping/Camping Resources.
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