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iMIS (integrated Membership Information System)  

Girl Guides of Canada maintains electronic records of all its girl and adult members as well as its entities (units, districts and area, provincial and national councils) and properties in a common membership database. Its primary role is to record girls’ involvement and achievements with GGC over the course of their lifetime, to provide adults with recognition for their volunteer contributions, to ensure that everyone within the organization has access to accurate information in a timely manner and to manage contact information for a wide range of contacts, supporters and other stakeholders, such as alumni, funders and advocates for girls empowerment from other organizations.

Currently, GGC utilizes a membership management system called iMIS. “iMIS” is the acronym for 'integrated Membership Information System'. It is used to generate membership numbers, track volunteer roles, manage mail lists and produce reports on membership activities. Accurate records provide the functionality GGC needs to increase efficiency, reduce duplication, facilitate communication at all levels, provide improved Member services and dedicate more time to developing great programming for girls.

Member Information Management

GGC’s Privacy Statement outlines our practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Members provide, use or collect personal information on behalf of GGC when filling out forms, participating in GGC-sponsored programs, events and activities or by browsing our websites. GGC collects only the personal information it requires to communicate with members and safely and effectively provide services and events.  GGC will never disclose personal information to outside individuals or organizations without the member’s prior consent, except where required to do so by law.

Special Considerations for Girl Members

GGC does not collect, use or disclose personal information about girl members who are under the age of 14 without the express consent of a parent or guardian. In order to ensure we are continually improving our programs and activities, GGC may periodically contact girls to ask for their ideas, opinions and feedback. Any personal or identifying information resulting from this contact is kept confidential and is not disclosed. At the time of registration, parents/guardians are given the option of whether or not their daughter may be contacted in such a way.

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