SVI Camp Booking Information & Form

Thank you for your interest in Southern Vancouver Island Girl Guides of Canada properties.

Due to COVID-19, bookings of SVI Camp Properties are only accepted, for SVI Guiders for the remainer of the Guiding year.  

1) Below is a link to a document with all the information for booking a SVI camp.  

Download the Camp Booking Information sheet in PDF

2) Please check for all available dates and times which are shown on the SVI Availability for Booking page.

3) Below is a link to the SVI Camp Booking Form. Please use this form to submit your request for booking our properties.  

(this form is a google form which is emailed directly to the Camp Booking person).

Link to Google Booking Form

If this form is unavailable, please try again in a few minutes.



We hope the new form above will make camp bookings easier.  If you have problems with the form or questions about your booking, please use the contact form below to send us a message. Replies are sent within 72 hours of receipt. Thank you.

Thanks! Message sent.