Discover SVI Camps Challenge

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Updated October 2017 with more information on ordering crests.


There are three wonderful Girl Guide Camps in Southern Vancouver Island Area.

• CAMP JUBILEE is 160 acres near the community of Shirley, BC for tenting.

• MILNES LANDING CAMP is a 10 acre property on the Sooke River Estuary. There are two full facility lodges with bunks.

• KINGSWOOD CAMP is ~25 acres near Elk/Beaver Lakes, Saanich, BC.  There is one

full facility lodge and two main tent areas.


Get to know these camps by exploring them and working on a special challenge

while camping there with your unit.  The three separate crest segments fit together. 


There are several challenge components to achieve at each of the three sites:

• Sleep at the camp for 2 consecutive nights

• Camp-skill

• Site history

• Ecosystem/nature

• Guiding component (songs, skits, stories)