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Discover SVI Camps Challenge


For a PDF of the Tri-Campsite Challenge, click here

For WORD document of the Tri-Campsite Challenge, click here

Updated February 2023 with information on ordering crests 


There are three wonderful Girl Guide Camps in Southern Vancouver Island Area.

CAMP JUBILEE is 160 acres near the community of Shirley, BC for tenting.

MILNES LANDING CAMP is a 10 acre property on the Sooke River Estuary. There are two full facility lodges with bunks.

KINGSWOOD CAMP is ~25 acres near Elk/Beaver Lakes, Saanich, BC.  There is one full facility lodge and two main tent areas.


Get to know these camps by exploring them and working on a special challenge while camping there with your unit.  The three separate crest segments fit together. 


There are several challenge components to achieve at each of the three sites:

• Sleep at the camp for 2 consecutive nights

• Camp-skill

• Site history

• Ecosystem/nature

• Guiding component (songs, skits, stories)



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