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We hope to see you at the Oak Bay Tea Party in June 2024


SVI Area girls & Guiders at the Tetley Tea Tent during the Oak Bay Tea Party - a fund raiser for International travelers.




During the Guiding year, the SVI Area International Committee can visit your units to introduce WAGGGS and CWFF to the girls.

Learn more or apply to Nationally Sponsored Trips on the Girl Guides of Canada website.

Learn more or apply to Provincially Sponsored Trips on the BC Girl Guides website.


Need help applying for an opportunity?

For tips on applying for trips and writing references, please see the BC Girl Guides website. These tips are useful for both Provincially and Nationally sponsored trips.

National has instructions, top tips and FAQs for applying for Nationally Sponsored Trips available on the Girl Guides of Canada website.

In the fall, the International Committee will assist girls and Guiders with applications for Provincial, inter-provincial and International trips. Email the SVI Area International Committee for more information. 


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