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SVI Area scholarship deadline is May 31, 2024  

SVI Area members who were recognized for their work towards their Canada Cord or Trailblazer Leadership Gold Award - June 2023

June 2023 Area Awards - croppable.JPG

Each award has criteria and requirements so use the ‘easy to read’ BC Awards Committee Quick Reference and the pages  at the right to determine which award would be appropriate.


Most awards require an AWARDS APPLICATION form (R.3) - WORD - scroll down to Award Forms to find this R.3P form. Remember to request an iMIS printout of the person concerned to forward with the Application. Once the award is presented, please advise the Area Awards Adviser so the award can be noted on their iMIS record using the first page of form A.4.


Step by step help is available for letters of support and completing applications at the BC Council website.


Also, members of the Area Awards Committee can answer any of your questions about submissions, timing, purchasing of pins, presentation. Email your questions.


AWARDS  (and Scholarships)

Quick Reference for 2020:
Scholarships for GIRLS
Scholarships for GUIDERS

Sparks to Rangers: these awards are given to girl members who have achieved specific goals or to recognize their outstanding contributions to Guiding.


Scholarships for girls are listed here.

These formal awards are meant to be a meaningful recognition of a job well done by our adult Members to show how valued they are by our organization.


Scholarships are also available to adult Members here .

These awards are given to show appreciation to individuals, businesses and organizations who have assisted our members.

These awards are granted by other organizations but recognize the contributions by Guiding members to the community at large.

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