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Committees in Southern Vancouver Island Area


SVI Area council meets monthly for decision making and passing along information.  Each of the committees are represented by their Adviser plus several liaison positions. 


Each of the committees is described below - click on the image to go to the committee page, if available.


The Awards committee oversees the awards and scholarships for SVI members.  Click on the image for information on both of these. 

This committee oversees the management of SVI's camping properties.  Click on the image for camp activity and booking information.
Click on the image for information of International happenings in SVI, BC & National
Check on the image for updates on the latest in Program information from Province and National.  Area resources are also available.
This position acts as a liaison between Council and units as well as support for unit Guiders.


The SVI camping committee hosts a number of events during the year.  Click on the image for information on dates and registration.

Rental equipment for camping is also listed here.

Eleven districts make up SVI Area, click on the image for a map of where they are located.
iMIS Adviser
Data entry into the National iMIS system is done locally.  Click on the image for hints on how iMIS works, such as unit lists, BackCheck and Awards.
The Membership Committee coordinates the placement of new girls and leaders.
The PR Committee maintains contact with the media, coordinates cookies and oversees the SVI website. A committee chair is needed for this important function.

SVI Area sponsors many trainings throughout the Guiding year such as Safe Guide, Financial, OAL (Outdoor Activity Leadership).  Click the image for a list of dates and registration information.

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