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SVI Area Canoe/Paddle Board Rentals at Kingswood Camp

  • Canoe/paddle board rentals are treated the same as camp bookings so you need to check the SVI availability for booking page first to determine your best dates for renting the canoes/paddle boards.


  • For Third-Party canoe and paddleboard renters,  see usage information here

  • Once you have sent in your booking, you will receive an email from the Booking Person with a confirmation of your date and payment instructions.                                                                   

  • Other equipment rentals such as GPS units, radios, sound system can be found under COMMITTEES/Camping section.


At the suggestion of the Pathfinders, the Legacy Committee has purchased 4 stand up paddle boards that are stored at Kingswood Camp. Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, the Safe Guide requires advanced certification in order to conduct a session with youth and no Guider in SVI Area is that highly qualified.  Instead, we are suggesting that Leaders who are interested contact a qualified SUP third-party provider.

Brian Raymer, from South Island SUP , has led several sessions for SVI Area members and he provides the paddle boards and paddles (we have our own PFDs).  He is very flexible and suggests that if some youth use the SVI Area paddle boards and PFDs, the cost is reduced. He also welcomes Leaders to paddle when the youth are having a training session, as long as the Leaders are already good paddlers (i.e., not students) and do not use the South Island SUP paddle boards – they will not be charged as a participant. Guiders should definitely identify as SVI Area when they get in touch with Brian.

There are other third-party SUP instructors in the Victoria area – any qualified SUP third-party provider is acceptable, but Safe Guide requires that the youth must be with a certified instructor while they are on the water.  The paddle boards may be reserved through the SVI Area website using the Camp Booking Form.

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