Unified Banking

Unified Banking.jpg

See the Parent Online Bill Payment Instructions to deposit monies to your daughter's unit (ie. cookies, events, etc).  You'll need the banking number for their unit and the girl's iMIS number.


Units & Districts

Download the Expense Claim Form for Units and Districts here.

You will need to Enable Editing at the top of the worksheet, to complete the form on your computer.  Note that the Expense Descriptions are on the second tab at the bottom.

Deposit Form for Units and Districts is here. 

SVI Area Level

The Area level Expense Claim Form is here.  Note the tabs at the bottom for specific claims.

The Unified Banking Champions are available to answer your questions.  Their email address is here .

Treasurers' Training

Treasurers who have taken the training have asked for the PowerPoint presentations to be available.

Power Point - Module 1 and

Power Point - Module  2

(more in-depth explanations).  

If you wish to view only the slides, select View at the top and then select Reading View at the top left.

       Fundraising in SVI Area

BC Council Fundraising Guidelines


As you plan your activities and fund raising, be sure to read the Guidelines from the BC Council before submitting a FR.1 - Application for Fundraising Approval. 

Girl Guides of Canada
Fundraising Form


The Application for Fundraising Approval (FR.1) is used to request approval for any fundraising

above and beyond the sale of Girl Guide cookies by your Unit, District, Area.  

Submit the FR.1 form to the office at Guide House for review and approval prior to beginning your fundraising:

• Unit and district fundraising requests require approval from Area Council or its delegate;

• Area council fundraising requests require approval from BC Council.

Fundraising Sheets

Two handy spreadsheets to keep track of your fundraising activities.  

Event Summary

 - income

 - expenses

 - portion shares

Tracking Sheet for Project

 - events

 - payments

 - summary

Email SVI Area Commissioners Team for current spreadsheet.