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Interested in becoming a Trainer?  Send your TR.3 (trainer application) or request more information to the training email.  

Interested in becoming a Trainer?  Send your TR.3 (trainer application) or request more information to the training email.   

Find your way in the Girl Guide Training world by viewing the T.E.A.M. chart.  


The TEAM chart mentions coloured pins received on completion of the course - see the TEAM pins chart for the possibilities. 


Feb 2020 Training Day Resources

 - Cooperation Games

Stay tuned for more information

Training Committee

If you have questions about training in SVI Area,  please contact  



Check out the National Training Calendar for ongoing virtual training opportunities, happening during March:

Use this link and look in the National Training Calendar for the link to the Registration.


In-Person OAL Training is tentatively scheduled for FALL 2022


All Guiders are required to complete the 5 courses (see below) of the New Guider Learning path within their first six months of joining Girl Guides of Canada. Register online in MemberZone. 

Get your RED PIN when all 5 required modules are complete, see below.

New Guider courses

  1. The Girl Program - Discover what girls do in Girl Guides, including how they can earn badges and awards, and get to know our exciting program platform!

  2. Building Unit Guider Skills – Learn how to empower girls using the girl-driven approach and work with them to build fun, engaging unit meetings.

  3. Safe and Inclusive Space – Reflect on strategies for creating welcoming, accessible experiences for all girls in Guiding.

  4. Safe Guide – Master the activity planning and risk management guidelines to deliver a safe Guiding program.

  5. All About the Branch – Explore Guiding traditions and the unique abilities of girls in every branch.


Update your knowledge with Safe and Inclusive Space and if you are moving into a NEW BRANCH, check out All About the Branch for branch specific information to help get your feet wet! 

2) First Aid Training 

The Training Team has had several enquiries about First Aid Training.    There are no plans at this time for Area to sponsor a First Aid training in 2022.    Guiders should attend any First Aid training available in the community even though they are more expensive than a Guiding sponsored training. 


Remember to check your District Guidelines about financial support for First Aid Training.    Depending on your District Guidelines,   Districts may pay from 1/3 or up to 1/2 of the cost,  Units may cover a portion, leaving the Guider to cover the remainder of the cost.  No Guider should have to pay the full cost of First Aid Training.

If you have any questions about training please contact the Area Training Adviser at the training email

SVI Area Mailing address: 

611 Linnet Lane
 Victoria,  BC, V9E 2B1

Deadline for registration is 14 days before the training date. Registrations received less than 14 days before a training session may be bumped to the next available session.

Something else to consider for this year

TOD- Training on Demand for Guiders

Training is test driving a new idea (minimum of 6 participants)  
What do you want to learn? How can we help you?  
This is a perfect opportunity to add a training component to your District meeting! Or join with a neighbouring District for an event.


Training will keep an additional record of hours of training per District and the trainers will offer to be your staff for your District Guider year end closing if you have the best hour per Guider ratio. As there is no budget for this, we will cook and clean but the District will need to provide the ingredients. Negotiable within reason.


Questions? Email the training contact person