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Come and join us for some exciting adventures both indoors and outdoors.   

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The Area Program Committee is composed of the Area Program Adviser plus the Program Advisers (PAs) from each of the 11 Districts.  The committee meets at the call of the Area PA.

If Districts don't have a PA, the information from the Area PA goes to the District Commissioner. 


All of the District PAs, who have a Facebook account, belong to a group where the Provincial Program Adviser posts messages of interest for all branch levels.  



1) The following resources are not available at this time

      a) Snap Circuits

      b) Watershed Activity Resource Kit 

      c) SnowFlake Ball

      d) Ocean Aware Challenge

Inventories for the last 2 are available by clicking on the images below:









2) Ask your District Program Adviser about your Toolboxes:

  1. Active Living

  2. Arts to Go

  3. Eco-Pak

  4. Science in a Box 
    (Science Out of the Box is now available)

  5. Treasure Box

Then find additional resources about the Toolboxes here.


3) There are lots of program resources on the BC Girl Guide website like Instant Meetings, FunFinders and Unit Guider Resources. 

4)  See the home grown CRD (Capital Regional District) Watershed Warden program at .  Borrow the Watershed Activity Resource Kit from Guide House for even more ideas.

5) Flag etiquette: Resources available on the Government of Canada website or on BC Girl Guides website under Camping/Camping Resources - bottom of page "Flags".




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