Camp Jubilee

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About Jubilee

Camp Jubilee is located ~50 km northwest of Victoria on 160 acres of primarily forested land.  A salmon bearing stream runs through the property.  There are 3 tenting sites, no power but a phone is available for emergencies.




  • The potable water is in a huge tank in the parking lot.  It is to be used for all domestic use (cooking, tooth brushing, drinking , washing hands & face).  It does not need to be treated before use.

  • Garbage and recycling is to be removed on completion of camp.

  • Make sure patrol boxes are clean and dry at the end of camp (bring towels for this purpose only). Report any missing items on the camp check-out form that was given to you when you picked up the camp keys.

  • Store all food in tightly closed containers.

  • For the current status of campfire bans in the Coastal area, see the BC Ministry of Forest website at                                Look for the Fire Bans and Restrictions box which takes you to the current status on campfires for the Coastal region.

  • A fire extinguisher must be mounted in the cooking shelters.  They are stored in the Panabodes when the site is not being used.

  • Hang wet tents, notify the next group or return to put them away when dry.

  • Replenish any wood used.

  • Camp crests are available at camp.



Three tenting sites offer a variety of camping experiences depending on the size and experience of the group.


1) Kirby

Kirby Site holds up to 40 overnight campers (includes youth & staff) and is wheelchair accessible. It contains a combination cooking/dining shelter with woodburning stove and a permanent LDP as well as 4 platform (Vytex) tents which hold 6 campers each. There are 4 outdoor lats on site and a campfire pit with benches. There are 8 patrol boxes, 3 ridge pole tents and gadget wood if needed.


2) Bridges

Bridges Site holds up to 40 overnight campers (includes youth & staff). It contains two new cooking/dining shelters and a permanent LDP. THere are 4 outdoor lats on site and a campfire pit with benches. There are 7 patrol boxes, 9 ridge pole tents and gadget wood if needed.


3) Gateway

Gateway Site is a smaller site particularly good for smaller Pathfinder or Ranger units. A small shelter can be used for cooking and eating.  There are 4 outdoor lats at this site.


Things to do and see nearby:

  • Shirley Pioneer Park and Community Hall - 1 km

  • Sheringham Point Lighthouse - 5 km

  • French Beach Provincial Park - 5.5 km


How to book:

For SVI members and GGC members see the Camp Booking information and book online.  

For other organizations - Girl Guides of Canada has priority bookings during September to June. See the Camp Booking or email SVI Area Camp Booking rep. to check availability. 

Bookings for SVI Area camps are now available.