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THANK YOU for questionnaire responses


On behalf of the SVI Area Legacy Committee I would like to thank you for submitting a response to our Camp Jubilee Questionnaire. All of your ideas and suggestions have been collated and circulated to the members of the committee for their consideration.   We received a lot of valuable and useful feedback from a committed core of camping enthusiasts.  Unfortunately due to the remoteness of the site and safety and maintenance considerations, some proposals are not feasible at the present time. 


If camping is your passion, please consider the option of joining one of the SVI Camp Committees, taking on the role of SVI Camp Adviser or SVI Properties Committee chair, both currently vacant, or submitting a formal proposal to the Legacy Committee through the google forms link on the SVI website. If you wish to contact us we can also be reached at legacy email address


Thanks again for your input. Watch out for our next newsletter, out this fall, which will update all Guiding members in SVI about the many projects we have undertaken to date, and the process for making further proposals.

Yours in Guiding,

Carol Gamey,

Secretary, SVI Area Legacy Committee

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