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December 2021

Dear SVI Area Guiders,

Our Southern Vancouver Island (SVI) Area Guide House in Victoria was loved by our girls and Guiders, in its location on Mason Street, for over 50 years. There are many memories of our times there through the decades. After weighing many varying factors, SVI Area Council made the decision to sell Guide House. The sale was completed in January 2020, resulting in proceeds of approximately $960,000.

In 2021, our Area Council formed the SVI Area Guide House Legacy Committee comprised of nine interested Guiders, drawn from geographically diverse areas of SVI, through application to the Area Commissioners. The purpose of this committee is to assess and review the recommendations and ideas for projects collected from SVI Area members, both adults and youth. 

Projects that would be a legacy going forward, or perhaps a one-time Area event that would benefit current and future members of our Area, will be considered. A request will also go out to our Area Rangers for their input. The Legacy Committee will review all proposals and determine which to submit to SVI Area Council for discussion and potential approval. 

To get us started, we are hoping to spend $100,000 in 2022. We are requesting that you think about what a proposed legacy project might look like; something that would benefit all levels of Guiding now and in the future. It could be something to help Unit or District programs, enhance our properties with added amenities, activities or improvements or any other dream you may have.

We hope every feasible idea will be submitted so that an ongoing long-range plan can be created. Just because you submit a proposal doesn’t mean you are responsible for carrying it out, but the committee would welcome your input if your proposal is accepted. Perhaps you have special knowledge, contacts, or a skill to help with your idea. The Committee would really appreciate Member involvement. 

The link provided will take you to a Google Form with more detailed information. 

You may submit as many suggestions as you like but please make each suggestion in a separate submission so that the Committee can track them more readily.


Proposals can be submitted at any time. The deadline for the first round of proposals is January 31st, 2022.

The link to the Google form is:


If you have a problem accessing or using the Google form, please send an email to the Legacy Committee and an alternative fillable form will be provided.


Thank you for your ideas and efforts to improve our Guiding experiences in Southern Vancouver Island.

SVI Area Guide House Legacy Committee

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