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Greetings SVI Members……...the Legacy Committee has been hard at work over these last several months reviewing your proposals, presenting ideas to Area Council for approval and ultimately seeing many of them come to fruition.  We’d like to share with you the recent changes and additions we have implemented in hopes that you will be intrigued to come and see for yourself.  These updates have mostly been carried out at our camps and will hopefully enhance the girl and Guider camping experience.


Our first major project has been completed at Milnes Landing at the Lower Cabin.  A new extended concrete ramp and covered roof have been installed to provide accessibility to the cabin as well as shelter from the weather when using the bathrooms.  This work is a huge upgrade to the comfort and useability of the Lower Cabin.

Kingswood Camp has had some major work done on the Bill Reith site to correct drainage issues which made the site unusable for a good part of the year.  There has also been realignment of the campfire pit, and leveling and seeding completed to create a dry, useable space for campers. 


Also at Kingswood, and at girls’ suggestions, we have purchased four stand-up paddle boards.  These are housed in the “garage” storage space beside the cottage.  Please note that Guiders will need to arrange for qualified paddleboard instructors to take the girls out on the water. The addition of three new-to-us Clipper canoes increases our complement of dependable watercraft for a unit camps, along with ten new PFDs for canoeing or paddleboarding.

Maintaining the camps year-round is a monumental task and to aid with that work we have purchased two sets of Stihl tools.  These multitask tools consist of a battery power head along with several interchangeable tools for all the different types of maintenance projects required at the camps. 


Ongoing investigation and consultation into future projects includes composting toilets at Jubilee, retrofitting and upgrading one or both panabodes at Jubilee to allow for indoor sleeping, a possible disc golf course at whichever camp has the allowable space, and making the cottage at Kingswood a potential rental option for very small groups. As well, mattresses are being purchased for both the McKevitt Lodge and Milnes Upper Cabin bunkrooms – a very welcome addition.


As ideas are approved we are very much in need of volunteers to make the projects possible. We welcome your expertise in any capacity - from project managing, to labour, to procurement or any other relevant skill. We are very pleased with the suggestions that have come forward – please don’t hesitate to send questions to legacy email address  or submit your proposal ideas to

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