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External Awards     

Aside from the Guiding Awards as seen on the other pages, it is important for our Members to be recognized by the community at large for their contributions.  Maybe one of the awards below would be appropriate for a Member you know.


1) Duke of Edinburgh 

This is a non-Guiding award but work completed for the award can count towards Guiding Program Challenge requirements and be applied to the applicable Guiding award. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a personal challenge programme for youth 14-25 years.

See their website for more information on the AWARD REQUIREMENTS:

2) Commonwealth Award

The Commonwealth Award is open to GGC members over 13 years of age. Guiding members from all Commonwealth countries can undertake this award.

The award is an opportunity to challenge yourself to discover more about the Commonwealth through fun and exciting activities.

See more information about the requirements at:

3) University of Victoria VERA (Valued Elder Recognition Award)

The Centre on Aging, University of Victoria coordinates the Valued Elder Recognition Award (VERA). The award, recognizes and honours individuals who over their lifetime have given exemplary service helping others. Recipients are further acknowledged with a plaque at the Centre.  More details can be found at the Centre on Aging website:


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