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Classic Cookies

The cookies have arrived.  If you would like to purchase some Classic cookies (vanilla and chocolate), go to our National website's Cookie Finder for selling locations in Victoria or Sooke.


National Scholarships

Click here to find the information about scholarships sponsored by SVI Area.  Deadline for applications is May 31, 2024.

Other scholarships are posted on our Awards page. 

SVI Legacy Project

Please see Legacy Committee for information on the activities of the Committee.  Camping season is a good time to think about what might improve our camping venues.

Submission ideas continue to be accepted via the Google form


Trainer Cameos

Click here to read a cameo for each of the members of the 2024 SVI Area Training Team or go to the Training page. 

Camp Booking Improvements

Some of you may have noticed that the SVI Availability for Booking page looks slightly different.  With feedback from members, we have highlighted the weekend days in yellow for quicker scanning.  You will also notice that the camping venue columns titles are repeated at the beginning of every month.  Unfortunately, the Excel document won't load with the frozen rows of the original spreadsheet.



aSVI Area Training Day was March 9

Click here or go to the Training page for resources from the Training Day

b) First Aid Training

An update on First Aid Training for Guiders is also available on the Training page.

If you have questions about training in  SVI Area, please email the Training Team.

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Guide Office

The Victoria office is closed. 

Emails and phone messages will be answered by our National office.

See CONTACT US for resources and mailing address.

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