Updates to SVIGirlGuides.ca

ongoing changes include deletion of old Trainings, new SVI News & Lamplighter



 - added the new Booking information and Link to booking person (day use only)

 - added Linnet Lane as the mailing address for SVI Area on Contact Us page

 - Archived 2019/20 SVI News


- added "No Camp Bookings taking place, due to COVID-19" to all Camp properties and Camp Committee

- changed or deleted the SVI Office phone number and email. National 1-800-565-8111 / info@girlguides.ca


- removed cookie order form and left store outlets who are selling cookies (JC)


- posted CANCELLED on all the active events in SVI with COVID-19 letter from National (JC & SK)

- added Cookie Sales information re: Canadian Tire and London Drugs plus order form for SVI office (JC)


- added BC Council Scholarship deadline to HOME page (JC)

- return the phone number and email back to the old ones (12 changes) (JC)

- updated some links on the Awards main page (JC) more changes coming


- changed all the email addresses to the new one svigirlguides@gmail.com, including those on Contact Forms (JC) - Hope I didn't miss any.

- updated the CONTACT US page with new address, phone number and email and on JOIN US page (JC)

- updated the Archives page as per Anna's instructions (JC)

- amended Guide Office phone number to corrected one (JC)

- added Royals hockey brochure (JC & SK)



-Updated PDF of Camp Challenge as the original PDF was missing Milnes. Created a new PDF document from the Word document that contained all the info (SK)

- added Training Day info to Home, Calendar and Training pages (JC)

- added News about needing girls for SVI Patrols for SOAR (JC)


-Treasurer forms troubleshooting and posting of two Excel documents (different file versions) so that the spreadsheets are accessible to Guiders with older and newer versions of Excel (SK)

-Added One Day Only Shopping Event to home and camping committees page, and Google calendar (SK)

- made a note about the Rendezvous email not working and redirecting people to Marsha's email (JC)

- updated Training events and survey link (JC)

- updated Rendezvous information with new email (JC)

- added a few new events, deleted expired notices (JC)


   -Updated cookie dates and times (SK)

   -Made copy of cookie page to try out some formatting options but I haven't had time this week to fully play around with this (SK)

   -Updated Treasurer's Box & Update notes (SK)

   -SVI Booking Availability spreadsheet - as per Darcy's email, I have removed the Guide House column from the booking spreadsheet (SK)

   - Deleted old cookie times (JC)

   - Update Training Committee information, delete cookie dates (JC)

   - upload new (Oct-Dec 2019) Bed Subsidy sheets for all camps (JC)

September - added United Banking PP and PFD documents (JC)

                     - added new Training Google form for registrations (SK)

                     - updated SVI News page to archive last year's issues (JC)

                     - Cookie locations added (JC)

                     - Events updated (JC)

August - deleted Area camp information on HOME and CALENDAR pages (JC)

              - added links to Nationally and Provincially sponsored camps (JC) 


     - deleted expired news and events (JC)

     - updated CC/CCGA Award photo (JC)

     - updated the International links for trips (JC) - unfortunately, this needs to be done yearly as the link address changes for both National and BC website


    - updated Dragon Boat challenge info and deleted after event (SK)

    - updated Girl's First session info (SK)

    - added Lady B-P event to calendar - add info to website once available (SK)


April - added Cookie Sales Locations as each District wrote back (JC)

          - deleted sales locations after date passed (JC)

          - added Paddle Boat Paddling Challenge information and forms (JC)

March - Uploaded updated SVI Area Campsite Booking Information Mar 2019 (JC)

             - Added Arts  Glam Camp info and forms to Camping Committee page and Calendar page (C)

             - Added Dip-N-Swing Camp info - ditto above (JC)

             - sent request to District Commissioners for Cookie Locations and times (JC)


                  - Uploaded updated SVI Area Campsite Booking Information Feb 2019 (SK)

                  - Uploaded 2019 scholarship and bursary reference guides for girls and adults (SK)

                  - Updated Awards information - Info document, the Application and two Reference Letters (SK)

                  - Request for Properties photos for a Pipeline article (not really a web update) (SK)

                  - Added updated camp booking info document (SK)

                  - Added Iron Chef Day info and form documents (SK)

                  - Enquiry from Darcy and Colleen McKenna re: Girls First info - should it go on the website? Follow up when Jeannie is back (SK)

January  - added BC Council YouTube video to Home page (JC)

                - added Royals Hockey info to Home page (JC)



December  - added SVI Properties crest contest info to home page (SK)

                    - added SOAR 2020 info to home page (SK)

November - updated Girl Awards per Darcy/Daphne email and phone conversation (Trailblazer Leadership Award) (JC)

                    - updated "SVI Area Financial Forms 2018" Excel spreadsheet as per Carol Gamey (SK)

                    - Added International Night information as per Denise Howden's email then removed info after event passed (SK)

                    - cleaned up main page by making sure headings and paragraphs had the same fonts and sizes (SK)

                    - updated Financial Treasure Box update notes as per Carol Gamey (SK)

                    - added White Knight Charity Paint Give Away to home and Kingswood pages (JC)

October - uploaded revised Bed Subsidy form for Kingswood (JC)

               - new Trainings and Lamplighter

               - updated Cookie Sales Locations

September - updated GOOGLE calendar with office hours, stat holidays, school district closures, BC Council dates (JC)

                     - minor maintenance changes (JC)

                     - update Discovery Camp info (JC)

                     - fixed most of the pages in Mobile View (JC)

                     - added Iron Chef Crest Contest and new Training schedule (JC)

                     - added and updated Cookie Sales Locations (JC)


          -uploaded updated camping venues brochures (Kingswood, Jubilee, Milne's, Bowker Hall and Properties general), and updated pages as per emails from Brenda Lacharity (SK)

June - updated Main page, Cookie locations, Calendar main page, Training Committee, SVI Supporters for 2017

            and some other changes  from Annual Report (JC)

         - added newest Area Procedures, Discovery Camp documents and changed Calendar (JC)

         - updated main page (JC)

         - changed Office dates (closed after June 22 until September 5 on main page and Calendar (JC)


      -May 22&23 - added GH closure to calendar and on main page. Researched how to add AGM slideshow video to website.

       Emailed Cassandra to consult whether we can add video to YouTube and whether SVI already has a YouTube channel.

       Made a duplicate of the annual report page so that I can play around with adding the video.

       May 12 added Annual report to latest report page and image with link to the report. Updated main page with link to annual report page.

       Updated latest annual report page to https://www.svigirlguides.bc.ca/annual-report (removed 2014) (SK)

      -Removed AGM info off main page (SK)

      -May 10 - updated Scholarship dates to May 31 (was May 15) on main page and awards pages (SK)

April - nothing was forwarded by DCs about cookie locations so added a general note about supporting the girls (JC)

         - added Contact Guider Phone Number to Camp Booking form (JC)

         - added summer Brownie Camps links in several places (JC)

         - April 16 - updated Brownie Camp info (SK)

March - awards changes (new CC/CCGA awards application) (JC)

            - added some trainings and camp committee events (JC)

            - new Camp Jubilee crest with changes to it's Bed Subsidy form (JC)

            - updated the crest with the new image from National's website (MemberZone - Brand Centre)

January - changed the photos in "GUIDING IN SVI" to SOAR 2017 (JC)

              - added new Treasurer's Treasure Box of Forms to COMMITTEES/Financial page (JC)

              - updated the TriCamp Challenge & added Just Gotta Camp info (JC)

              - added information on Cupcakes and Candles/Amazing Race (JC)

              - new Bowker Hall crest: updated brochure and CAMPING VENUE page with new design (JC)

              - added note about postponement of AMAZING RACE (JC)



December - changed the bed subsidy forms (one for each campsite) for Camp Properties (JC) 938mason

                   - added Fall 2017 Lamplighter

November - added new CC/CCGA Awards photo (JC)

                    - updated Home Page & some Committee pages (JC)

                    - added Expression of Interest for Area Day for Training Committee (JC)

October - updated International Committee page with BC trips and additional National resources (SK)

                - updated Training Committee page with registration link for OAL Basic and Residential (SK)

                - new SVI News added, updated Home page with info from SVI News, changed CALENDAR page, Training updates (JC)

                - new Camp Booking Form using a Google Form, updated Camp Booking Information sheet (JC)

September - implemented new Google calendar, replacing WORD documents for each month (JC)


                     - minor changes to many pages, updated photos (JC)

                     - added pages for Brownie Camp Skills, Discovery Camp, SVI Admin Documents (JC)

                     - page readied for Advanced Guide Camp Skills (JC)

                     - changes to Training and new registration form (JC)

                     - Minty cookie sales locations added from AC Team (JC)

August - updated CC award application (changed due date from Nov 1 to September 1)  (JC)

             - redid the link to application document and added change to HOME page (JC)

July - Calendar: moved June calendar to archived; removed past events (SK)

       - removed Guide House Open House announcement (JC)

       - replaced Guide House crest (CAMPING VENUES page) with 2017 crest (JC)

       - changed calendar to August & updated HOME page (JC)

June - International Committee: updated page with National Trip info, added a header "Need help applying for an opportunity?", and                        moved and updated existing text under new header (SK - June 7)

          -Main page: removed Tetley Tea tent info, added National Trips info, and June/July event dates, updated text font to "Open Sans" for                paragraphs in order to match other pages, create more room on page, and make page easier to read (I hope this is okay - absolutely -            looks way better, thank you - JC) (SK - June 7)

          -Event page - added June events and removed Tetley Tea (SK)

          - added 2017/18 Training Schedule and updated main page to alert to new schedule (JC)

          - added June SVI News with note on main page (JC)

          -Main page: added 'more info...' link to calendar page for Lady B-P and GH closing events (SK)

          -Calendar page: added more info for Lady B-P and GH closing events (SK)

          -Financial page: removed link to fundraising tracking sheet (error in sheet) with note to email AC Team for spreadsheet (SK)

          - added Guide House Anniversary Open House info to main page and Calendar page (JC)

          - changed CONTACT US page to reflect summer 'hours' and Main page (JC)

          - COMMITTEES: added SVI Area EXPENSE CLAIM FORM to Financial page - note on Main page (JC)   

May - Main page: added Tetley Tea tent volunteer call and moved volunteer video link to bottom of page under Tetley Tea tent

           (will move back up once Tetley Tea event is done) (SK)

         - Main page: deleted Scholarship information and changed photo to pre-SOAR tents (JC)

         - COMMITTEES: added Bank Account Identification Form to Financial page (JC)

April - copied Sherry's OAL information

         - training for Sara (SK) on website updating

         - updated Facebook page to SVI (SK)

         - deleted Spring Clean-Up notices on several pages & added Tetley Tea to Home page (JC)

         - corrected the link to the FR1 form at National, changed the Awards photo to AGM one (JC)

         - added the 2016 Annual Report with a Cover Page JPG and the Supporters page

March - added a Supporters page (under GUIDING IN SVI) cuz of City of Victoria request (copied over Thanks page from 2015 Annual Report also)

            - Cookie Sales Locations from District Commissioners



September - CONTACT US updates with Office Hours

                     - Home page additions for registration, Discovery Camp

                     - Minty cookie locations

                     - duplicated information from Weebly site on CAMPING VENUES page

                     - changed yearly info on CALENDAR, SVI News, Training

                     - new Financial page under COMMITTEES

June - changed CONTACT US with summer information

         - added inventory of Ocean Aware and Snowflake Ball materials

May - delete Spark Spree, Camp S'More, Intro to Adventure registrations.

March - Cookie updates (compare to Cookie Finder on National site)

            - Camp CleanUp notice


February - changed main photo on Home Page to Discovery Camp

              - added Camping pages (Camp S'More & Intro to Adventure)

              - added Spark Spree forms

              - Cookie prep



November/December 2015 - ordinary maintenance


October - new Edit function in WIX (created problems with Calendar)

                - lots of changes to Camping, International, Awards notifications on HOME page

                - updates each weekend with Cookies Locations

                - addition of the Camp & International summary document by Erlene Amero


September - Guide House hours updated for new year

                     - International page updated with new photo

                     - Home page updated for beginning of year

                     - new calendar pages added

                     - additions to Camping Committee page


July - noted on Contact Us that office is closed for the summer

       - note on Home page that the site will not be updated until end of August


June  - Tetley Tea information (International)

          -  added Archive Months to the CALENDAR/Individual pages so folks can see old months of current Guiding year


May - updated Area Camps information (added Active Living Directory)

        - highlighted scholarships (National, BC, Area)


April - added & deleted Cookie Locations

         - Added Tetley Tea Tent info

         - updated Annual Report to 2014


March 24 - added Summer Brownie Camp to Camping Committee


March 13 - added Classic cookie & camp clean-up notices

                 - change HOME photo to Cookies at Sears


Feb 27 - added Directory of Active Living to GUIDING IN SVI and Camping

             - added Brownie Revel info after mailout


Feb 21 - change HOME page photo to Thinking Day photo


Jan29 - added WORDS IN ACTION info sheet to Program page


Jan 20 - changed HOME photo from SOAR to Oak Bay News Article


Jan 14  -  added Just Gotta Camp and Camp Skills Day info to Camping page






Dec  - Kingswood brochure changed as old one had old prices


Added Web-Stat app to site (Go_Squared didn't work) - results emailed to sviareawebmaster(at)gmail(dot)com



WIX edition - Launched November 17, 2014