SVI Area Rent Subsidy/Payment


All SVI Area Units and Groups camping overnight at one of SVI Area's three campsites, are eligible to request a bednight subsidy.  Your request for subsidy will help keep your camp expenses lower.  The rental rates vary between sites and is noted on the forms below. 

1) FILL AND SAVE then PRINT versions:  The forms are now separated into one for each camp to simplify each sheet.  The EXCEL sheets do all the calculations for you; fill in your contact details at the top, then in the table, fill in the number of participants in the appropriate categories.  Updated for Oct to Dec 2019.

a) Kingswood McKivett Lodge form

b) Kingswood Tenting form

c) Milnes Landing (both cabins) form

d) Camp Jubilee form

1) Please email the form + attach a participant list including iMIS numbers to SVI Area office at svigirlguides(at)shaw(dot)ca immediately after camp to request subsidy. 

2) At the same time, submit this form (printed) and your cheque for the total payment (as calculated on the form - yellow filled box) to the Area Properties Treasurer.


DEADLINE: Submit request form within 2 weeks of end of camp to guarantee subsidy.