SVI Area Campsite Work-Parties & Clean-Ups  

     Sunday, April 23, 2017

Unit Assignments

As a starting point, Spark and Ranger Units are assigned to Kingswood Camp, Brownie Units are assigned to Milnes Landing Camp and Guide & Pathfinder Units are assigned to Camp Jubilee.  Hopefully, this arrangement sounds fair, i.e. everyone is assigned to each of the 3 camps at some point in their GGC ‘career’.     


Remember the intent is for the GGC girls' families to volunteer at one camp work-party/cleanup per year.  Children are to attend with their parents unless a unit organizes a unit activity.   If a family has daughters in more than one branch, the family may choose one cleanup per year to attend.  

If units of the same branch would like to trade assigned time slots, please make arrangements yourselves between the groups involved in the swap.  Although not preferable, it is acceptable for Spark and Brownie Units to swap time slot and campsite, but all Pathfinder units will be at Camp Jubilee.

Kingswood, Spring 2017 - see District assignments below Meet at the lodge to sign up for a task. There are some clippers and tools available at the site, but it is always helpful to bring extras. Please come out for a few hours to help keep the camp tidy.

Camp Jubilee, Spring 2017 - see District assignments below. The new bridge is in and the sites need help. Bring gloves, clippers, tools, gas weed wackers and anything else you think may be of use. 


Milne’s Landing, Spring 2017 - see District assignments below.  There is always lots of general maintenance to do to keep the two lodges running and in good order. Please bring tools, rakes, gas weed wackers and work gloves.

Fall 2016

All Rangers in SVI - if available

Camas District Sparks

Raven District Sparks

Harbours District Sparks

Peninsula Shores District Sparks


Fall 2016

Camas District Brownies and Guides

Raven District Brownies and Guides

Harbours District Brownies and Guides

Peninsula Shores District Brownies and Guides

Fall 2016

Camas District Pathfinders

Raven District Pathfinders

Harbours District Pathfinders

Peninsula Shores District Pathfinders

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Spring 2017 (April)

Straits District Sparks

Woodwyn District Sparks

Bay to Bay District Sparks

Chatham District Sparks

Lakes District Sparks

Pacific Skies District Sparks

Spring 2017

Straits District Brownies

Woodwyn District Brownies

Bay to Bay District Brownies

Chatham District Brownies

Lakes District Brownies

Pacific Skies District Brownies

Spring 2017

Straits District Guides and Pathfinders

Woodwyn District Guides and Pathfinders

Bay to Bay District Guides and Pathfinders

Chatham District Guides and Pathfinders

Lakes District Sparks

Pacific Skies Guides and Pathfinders

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